Tornado Touches Down in Arkansas

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A tornado struck Ferndale, Arkansas. This tornado was unexpected and brought tragedy to the community.
Many people were killed and major damage caused.

News reporters are calling this tornado an utter devastation. This tornado killed a minimum of fifteen people and destroyed many homes.

This tornado also hit in an area that was still recovering from a massive tornado in April of 2011.

“I can’t imagine that happening to my family or any of my friends,” junior Frankie Talarico said.

The Arkansas tornado that began around 7:00 PM on Sunday grew to be half a mile wide and remained on the ground. On the E.F. scale, this rated as a 4. Winds were estimated between 180 and 190 mph.

President Obama took a trip to visit Arkansas after the tornado struck. More than 260 homes were destroyed, and over 150 were injured.

This storm triggered more storms from Oklahoma to Alabama and made heavy rainfall on parts of the Gulf Coast. Ground and roads collapsed in Baltimore and Yonkers, N.Y.

“It’s very devastating, and I cannot imagine that happening to me.  That is why I am happy I live in the East Coast,” senior Jake Lash said.

All of the rain that fell in Alabama, which was a result of the tornado in Arkansas, caused 240 homes to be damaged due to flooding. This was the first major tornado of the year.

“I think it is awful that it happened to those families, and hopefully they can begin a normal life again soon,” sophomore Sophia Hadeed said.

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