Summer Fashion All About Maxi Skirts and Crop Tops

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The 2014 summer fashion is hotter and more stylish than last year. There are new styles of shorts, tops, skirts, and shoes. The big trend this year is maxi skirts and crop tops, but also side-shoulder purses. Printed short dresses are out; long, solid, bright dresses are in.

According to, knee-length, nineties flower-print dresses are making a comeback. This year, there are a lot of bold and eye-catching colors, including metallic, bright blues, greens, and pinks. Two colors that never go out of style are black and white.

“My favorite thing to wear are maxi skirts or shorts and crop tops,” sophomore Katie Lochman said.

Pant body suits and long printed dresses are in this summer, says Although they have a selection of colors for their summer fashion, they are keeping it simple, not too bold but very stylish this year. In the nineties, the fashion trend was to wear jeans and a tie with a jacket around the waist. Vogue is bringing back that trend while adding a white crop top.

“I like to wear high-waisted shorts with a high, low-cut blouse,” junior Katelyn Langford said. said bright swimming suits and wedges are in this summer. By adding a long maxi dress to the wedges, you’ll have a cute outfit to walk the boardwalk at night. During the day, a bright swimming suit with a see-through blouse is comfortable to wear on the beach.

“I wear shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers,” freshman Luis Leon said.

According to, sheer white tops with a bright-colored bandeau and a long black maxi skirt are in this year. As for colors, black and white is at the top, but there is a trend that is coming back; metallic colors are hip this year as well.

“I like to wear shorts and a t-shirt with Vans, but, to dress up, a crop top and a maxi skirt,” Sophia Hadeed said.

“Dressy top + Denim shorts= your good to go,” writes.

High-waisted shorts with a crop top have also been a top favorite in the fashion industry; crop tops are also a good match with a stylish maxi skirt and some sandals for a nice comfortable outfit to hang out in.

“ I wear t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, with a lot of bracelets,” sophomore Lizzie Geesey said. says low heels are in this summer. Also, heel boots are a big trend. The summer’s biggest trend is sandals. They can go with any outfit to make it look a little dressier. writes, “No makeup, ‘raw, natural beauty.'”

But, if you want to do makeup this summer, the trend is the nineties pin-up look, mostly mascara, red cheeks, and deep red lipstick that makes a statement.

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