Wild Fire Season Commences in California

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Recently, a number of fires have started in different areas of California, devastating the area. Over 1,000 firefighters, the California Military Corps, 100 fire engines, and dozens of water trucks are working hard to put an end to the wildfires. Since January, there have been over 1,500 fires in California.

Temperatures reaching the triple digits have been reported with low humidity and hot, dry winds from the desert engulfing California. These high temperatures and dry conditions have started up the earliest and worst wildfire seasons that California has seen in decades.

One specific fire, called the Cocoas fire, is one of the biggest ongoing wildfires, which has destroyed 40 houses in San Marcos and burnt down over 2,520 acres. Another fire, named the Pulgas Fire, in San Diego County is only 40% contained and has already destroyed over 15,000 total acres.

Over 125,000 people in and around San Diego alone have been forced to evacuate their homes because they were in danger. Many houses are receiving a lot of damage. Thousands of homes and buildings are in jeopardy, while many were burnt down or destroyed.

San Diego County’s electric company was even forced to shut down because of power lines that were in danger. Schools and businesses were forced to shut down, causing limited spending around the state. Farmers will also have a long recovery rate because of damaged land. Tourism is also experiencing a downfall in California with popular places such as the San Diego Zoo and Sea World being forced to shut down.

Overall, the total damage is unknown. As of now, there were 7 deaths and over 2,000 homes destroyed. Half a million acres were burnt, causing billions of dollars in damage. According to economists, the damage will be well over the amount already recorded.

Investigators are working to find out what is starting all of these fires. One of the blazes was said to start by sparks from a construction site. Two people from northern San Diego were even charged with arson, but it is not clear if they are connected to any of the fires. Fires are still continuing to rage, and further fires are expected to start this summer.

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