Students Raise Questions on Dress Code

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As warm weather is approaching, teachers are cracking down on students violating the dress code. For those unaware, Fleetwood Area High School has a dress code that students are responsible for following on a daily basis.
Every school needs a dress code in order to keep students dressed appropriately. There are some rules that students are required to follow, but some have deemed them unrealistic.

Rule eight in the handbook states that all shorts, skirts, or skorts must be fingertip length when the wearers arms are fully extended. If this rule is broken, it will result in the wearer having to change clothes for the remainder of the day.

“I think there should be a dress code, but I feel like they shouldn’t be so strict about it,” sophomore Lacey Greiss said.

There are no exceptions for students who are wearing sunglasses, hats, hoods, or jackets. Unless it is for religious purposes, students need to remove any headwear by the time they enter the school building.

Any clothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco, or drug use is also prohibited. This includes slurs, slogans, logos, and symbols. The dress code is meant to keep students looking modest.

“Some of the dress code is hard to follow because a majority of stores sell stuff that is not allowed in school,” sophomore Brooke Schaeffer said.

Rule five of the dress code is that no pajamas, sleepwear, loungewear, or slippers should be worn in school. Another rule is that all clothing needs to be worn properly, with no undergarments exposed.

“Students wear pajamas to school all the time, and it’s not fair to other people who get in trouble for other dress code reasons,” junior Lizzay Faust said.

“It’s hard to find clothes that fit the dress code requirements,” junior Katelyn Langford said.

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