Reporter Bio: Emily Moyer

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MoyerEmily Moyer is seventeen-years-old and a junior at Fleetwood. She was born on 17 April 1997. She was born to a crazy family, but she loves them because they are unique. When she was younger, she went to 16th and Hawk, and then to a charter school in West Reading. When she was fourteen, she was approached at the mall and asked to model for Barbizon. The thing she loved about modeling was getting to transform into someone she’s not. This is her second year in Journalism. She loves writing and interviewing people. Writing makes her feel good because she is able to express herself more clearly than when she talks out loud. After high school, Moyer plans to go to Pitt and study to be a mortician before moving to Colorado. She loves shopping, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.

Written by Olivia Fenstermacher

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