Medical Explorers Offer Early Occupational Insight

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The Reading Hospital has a program for high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in health care. This program is sponsored by The Reading Hospital for the Boy Scouts of America. These programs take place every third Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:00 pm.

“I am interested in becoming a radiologist. I go to BCTC for Radiology, and I think the program was beneficial.  It made me much more interested,” sophomore Ciara Diehl of Brandywine Heights High School said.

More than 50 students from all around Berks County participate in this learning experience. The program features guest speakers and departmental tours. It is also free of charge.

Medical professionals of all different fields tell students what they do on the job, how they were trained to do it, and the schooling it took for them to get there. They then answer the students’ questions.

“I think the program was fun and very informational. I want to be an OBGYN, and I learned that it takes a lot of schooling to get there. I found out that it takes about eleven years of schooling after high school. You have to earn a college degree, go to nursing school, and go to medical school,” sophomore Kristina Bertsch of Kutztown Area High School said.

The goal of these medical professionals is to influence students to pursue a great career. Every month, they have a different field on which they focus. The first week of 2014 was on women and children’s health. Students visited the NICU, labor rooms, and children’s hospital rooms, where they go when they are sick.

On the week of 16 October, the explorers will be taking a look at ED/Trauma. They will be able to see what it is like when a Medevac lands on the roof with an emergency.
“I’m excited for the next meeting. I always learn so much,” Diehl said.

The hospital is looking for many students to come out and explore the medical occupations. It is a great learning experience for those who are interested.

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