Millions Saved by Blood Donations

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Donating blood is more important than some people may think!

The average number of U.S. blood donors a year is 15.7 million. Donating blood is an easy way to become someone’s hero and potentially save his or her life.

Before donating blood, it is important that you have a healthy iron level, get a good night sleep, drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, eat a healthy meal, and remember to bring a donor card along!

If it were not for people donating blood, on average 4.5 million people would die each year without having lifesaving blood transfusions. There are a lot of different kinds of tests done to the blood to find out what kind of blood type it is and to make sure there is no disease.

If someone is interested in donating blood, all they have to do is call a community American Red Cross blood center. Before donating blood, there is an application that has to be filled out and approved.

“I haven’t donated any blood yet, but I am finally allowed to, and I am looking forward to donating. I’ve wanted to for a while now and have finally decided to go through with it,” senior Piper Brown said.

While donating blood, one pint is collected, and the blood gets stored in ice coolers. Blood centers most of the time run out of type O and B blood.

If anyone has questions about donating blood, there is a ton of information on Also, the school nurse is a good resource. A few times throughout the year, there is a table set up for donating blood in the lunch room. This is a great time to ask any questions or sign up!

After getting blood taken, make sure to drink extra liquids, avoid any heavy lifting, and remove the wrap. It is also a good idea to clean the area where the wrap was to make sure of no irritations.

Donating blood is an easy way to help a lot of people out. Another incentive to donate blood is that you get free juice and cookies!

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