Dress Up, Save Some Lives

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Relay for Life raises money to help the American Cancer Society. Thanks to the American Cancer Society, there have been fourteen million cancer survivors. The Relay team here in Fleetwood is a group of students and teachers trying to help out and raise money for the foundation.

Safe Trick-or-Treat night is an event where parents can bring students into the school for a five dollar donation. Science teacher Matthew Biniek attended this and explained some of the events.

There are three main parts to this night. The first part is to decorate the doorways in the English hallways so kids can trick-or-treat at them.

Teachers are the ones who donate the candy so this night is able to happen. Teachers can bring their family members or relatives who want to join in on all the fun. The second part is the haunted house section in the Family Consumer Science room. Science teacher Jennifer Neiman dresses up as a zombie in this section.

“There is a cool remote control zombie that goes around on top of Mrs. Neiman being a zombie,” Biniek said.

The third part of the night is in the cafeteria with face painting, balloon animals, and cookie painting by Spanish teacher Jill Shade. This is where the children can roam around and have their freedom to do what they please. This is a fun section to be in for children of all ages. There are projectors also set up to show pumpkins on the wall; randomly, their faces start to move and talk for a spooky effect. Another projector has “Happy Halloween” on it one second and a ghost jumping out at you the next second.

“I donated some money, but I was not able to participate,” Spanish teacher Anita Lewis said.

“I was not there this year because of a golf team pizza party,” science teacher Mark Coassolo stated.

“The younger kids really have fun, and the team members enjoy putting it on each year. All money raised benefits ACS,” adviser Cindy Steele said.

This night is a very important part of the school because it is helpful for a good cause. The five dollar donation from every person coming in might not seem like much, bit it makes an impact on the research for the American Cancer Society. The organization is appreciative of the donations from Fleetwood Area High School.

Thanks to this evening, children can be safe and still enjoy the spooky experience.

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