School Shooting Shocks Washington

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On 24 October 2014, Marysville-Pilchuck High School experienced the unimaginable. In Marysville, Washington, thirty-four miles north of Seattle, students ran for their lives, terrified, wondering when the next shot would be fired. Around 10:30 in the morning, Jaylen Fryberg shot five students before killing himself.

Two of the students Fryberg shot were Zoe Galasso, 14, and Gia Soriano, 14, both suffered head wounds. Galasso was dead on the scene, and Soriano spent a day in the hospital before passing away on Sunday morning. The others shot were Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, 14; Andrew Fryberg, 15; and Nate Hatch, 14. Of the three, two were shot in the head, and all three are currently in the hospital.

“They shouldn’t be hurting students like that, or for that reason,” freshman Miguel Santandrea said.

“It’s a wrong thing to do. It’s sad that he felt that was the only option he had,” freshman Mark Weston said.

A teacher heard the shots from her classroom. Megan Silberberger is said to have run into the cafeteria after hearing gun shots from her classroom. She wrestled with the student for the gun when he was struggling to reload it. Now, it is unsure if the student actually shot himself, or if the gun had accidentally gone off during the fight for the gun.

Jaylen Fryberg (the shooter), 14, was a freshman at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. He was a member of a local Indian tribe called the Tulalip Tribe. A week before the shooting, he was crowned Homecoming Prince of 2014. He played football and had plans to try out for the High School’s wrestling team. He was very popular, had a lot of friends, and nobody ever saw him capable of such violent acts. His motive is still unclear, but it is said that a recent fight and break-up could’ve been why. His posts on social media over the past few months suggest that he was heartbroken and possibly depressed.

“Maybe his fight and heartbreak go hand-in-hand,” freshman Nate Mercuri said.

The students he went after were his friends and family members. It is said by several students from Marysville-Pilchuck High that everything was calm, and then Fryberg just pulled something out from his backpack, walked up behind his victims, and shot them from the back. What he pulled out of his backpack was a Baretta .40 Caliber handgun that has been traced back to Jaylen’s father.

The school decided to cancel school for the week of 27 October to give the families, friends, staff, and students time to heal.

“I mourn for the victims and their families. I feel bad for their football team.  They were playing for division title, and the game got cancelled,” sophomore Deshawn Brown said.

“I feel sad for the victims. School safety is so important.  We try to do everything we can,” Biology teacher, Mr. Coassolo said.

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