Frein Finally Found

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Eric Frein, the man who shot and killed Corporal Byron K. Dickinson II and seriously wounded Trooper Alex T. Douglass in an armed ambush in the Blooming Grove Barracks has finally been caught.

Eric Frein was on the run for forty-eight days hiding in the Pocono Mountains.

The thirty-one-year-old was a survival expert who was armed and dangerous.

Frein shot two state troopers and then fled into the Pocono Mountains, where he completed an in-depth plan to hide out.

After forty-six days of hiding, Frein was finally caught. The marshalls who arrested Frein did not know whether or not he was armed.

Frein knelt with his arms over his head in an easy arrest. They stripped him of the weapons and explosives he had been carrying on him.

No serious injuries occurred during the search for Frein, apart from some troopers who fell out of a tree looking for the outlaw.

“I think it’s great that they caught him,” senior Mitch Kinek said .

“It’s really great that he can’t terrorize people anymore,” senior Matt Hook said .

Frein was found near an abandoned airplane hangar about thirty miles from where he opened fire on the two troopers.

“It’s crazy that one person can keep a whole town under lockdown.  I’m just glad they finally caught him,” senior Joe Kinek said .

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