Chisdak Wins November Teacher of the Month

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This year, Fleetwood Area High School started choosing a Teacher and Student of The Month. The teacher of the month is chosen by facility members at the monthly faculty meeting. Each member votes on who they believe deserves to be chosen.

For the month of November, Ms. Diane Chisdak was selected. Chisdak teaches many different types of art classes for sophomores and above. She has loved art since she was in grade school. Chisdak said that she has not always been good at art; it took her time and practice.

“I have had many honors in my career, but being recognized by fellow teachers means a lot to me,” Chisdak said.

She has been teaching at Fleetwood Area High School for 28 years. She has also coached track and cross country. Chisdak enjoys setting up for the school art show and artifact.

“I’ve had her for the past two years, and I enjoy taking her classes. They are fun,” junior Taylor Angstadt said.

Chisdak always knew she wanted to teach art in a school because she didn’t want to be in a studio. She is a hard and dedicated teacher. Chisdak has seventeen seniors in her art class. She loves seeing her students graduate and continue working on art.

“Ms. Chisdak is one of my favorite teachers and is always so nice,” junior Lacey Greiss said.

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