Meet Fleetwood Footballer Mounier Salit

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Mounier Salit is a ninth grader at Fleetwood Area High school. He moved to Fleetwood from Bally, and this is his first year in Fleetwood. He said he likes the people here because they are nice to him and very friendly.

Salit has been playing football ever since he was eight years old, and he plays on the junior varsity team. He plays defensive tackle, center, and guard. He likes defense more than offense, and he used to play tight end and defensive end.

“I love tackling because it makes me feel in control,” Salit said.

From all the years he has been playing, he has suffered some major injuries. He had a serious concussion once; it was caused by helmet-to-helmet contact at one of his practices.

Salit’s favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. He thinks they will go very far this year and wants them to win a Super Bowl. His own team is doing well with a record of 4-2.

Mounier started watching football with his dad when he was eight. He does not want to be a football player when he is older, but he said that, if he could play for any NFL football team, it would be the Philadelphia Eagles, of course.

In his free time, he enjoys playing football with his three brothers. They play together and help Mounier practice by throwing a ball around the yard and tackling each other.

His role model is professional football player, Brian Dawkins.

“Brian Dawkins is my all-time favorite because of his skill,” Salit said.

Before practice, he likes to eat a good protein-filled meal. He tries to watch what he eats, so he can stay in shape for the season. Being fit and staying healthy is very important to him. He also stretches and makes sure he has as much water as possible so he does not get dehydrated.

“I feel, if you are not in good shape, you will not do as well on the field,” Salit says.

Salit looks up to his coaches and really respects them. He feels that, without them, the team would get nowhere. He loves that they can be tough, but also really nice.

“There is always room for improvement,” Salit says.

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