Students Create Awareness about Oral Cancer

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Dental Occupations students from BCTC, sophomores Jordan Reaser and Christina Rudderow of Fleetwood, along with students Gabriella Gallina of Boyertown and Jasadee Marquez of Governor Mifflin, joined together to inform their fellow peers about the consequences of Oral Cancer.

Through their community awareness project, they strengthened the relationship between themselves and fellow peers by setting up a stand in the lobby at BCTC and handing out informational brochures and bracelets to support their cause.

The four dental students gave an informative presentation to another shop on campus. Oral Cancer is not a well-publicized cancer, but more than 43,250 people are diagnosed yearly with some form of the disease.

Approximately twenty-four people die from this illness every day. Cases are found more commonly in men than in women, but that does not mean only men face the risk of getting oral cancer. The girls wanted to reach out to their peers because they are aware that chewing tobacco and smoking is very common around this age group.

They also emphasized self-examination to those who do chew tobacco and smoke. It was not just for their peer’s benefit; they also reached out to faculty members at BCTC and gave teachers the website address for their website to encourage each home school to reach out to the online world.

They plan to take their project to HOSA’s (Health Occupations Students of America) State Leadership Conference in March. For more information about HOSA and the student’s project visit and Best of luck to them!

By Jordan Reaser and Christina Rudderow

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