Students React to “Too Early Top 25”

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Ohio State recently won the first ever playoff national championship against the number two seed Oregon Ducks. So, just a day after the national championship, the “Too Early Top 25” was out for the 2015 season.

Surprisingly, TCU, who missed out on the four-team playoff after going 12-1, is at the top of the list at number one, right in front of national champs Ohio State. TCU was surely in contention for making the playoffs but, maybe unfairly, was left out.

“It’s too early to even think about the top twenty-five right now,” junior Jake Feick said.

Recent number one seed Alabama dropped all the way down to number ten after being dominated by the potential national champs. With only two offensive starters returning for the 2015 season, the Crimson Tide will basically have to rebuild their starting lineup. They lose star players like quarterback Blake Sims and All-Star wide receiver Amari Cooper.

“I think that Ohio State should be at the number one seed over TCU.  It doesn’t really matter right now; it’s way too early to tell,” senior Tyler Emge said.

The number two seed Oregon Ducks, who competed in the national championship game against the Buckeyes, will drop down to the number five seed. It is not set in stone just yet, but it is looking like Heisman winner Marcus Mariota may be entering the NFL draft as a junior.

Baylor moves up to number three after going 11-2; he was also unlucky not to make the playoffs. The USC Trojans move up to number four after only going 9-4 but look to be very good in the coming season. They do not lose many of their starters with eight offensive players returning and seven defensive players coming back.

Obviously, this may not be perfect, but it is just a good preview of what to expect coming into next season.

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