Ohio State Buckeyes Take Home Playoff Title

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Twelve days before the College football season, Ohio State lost their starting quarterback, Braxton Miller. Miller was a Heisman candidate at the beginning of the season; he had participated in three tremendous seasons at Ohio State. He suffered a shoulder injury right before the season was about to begin.

Next in line was J.T. Barrett. Barrett had never started a game for Ohio State and had to prepare with just over a week to do so. He accepted that challenge, and Ohio State would win the first game of the season. However the Buckeyes would lose to Virginia Tech in their second game.

With Coach Urban Meyer, the Buckeyes were able to bounce back. They went on to win the rest of their regular season. Another big change of events happened to Ohio State during the last game of the season against Michigan, as J.T. Barrett suffered a broken ankle. The task was left to the third string quarterback, Cardale Jones, and he hadn’t played a minute in his career. With just a couple of days to get ready for the Big 10 Championship, Jones had to step up. Jones did exactly that, with a statement 59-0 win over Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship.

With this the first ever College playoffs, officials now had to pick the four best teams to get into the playoffs. Everyone knew Alabama was number one and Oregon was number two. It came into question who would take number three and four. Florida State took the number three spot, and Ohio State would take the last spot. Ohio State would match up with Alabama as Oregon would take on Florida State in the College playoffs.

“Ohio State did something I have never seen before,” Senior Mike Osenbach said.

Oregon and Florida State played first, and Oregon did what they do best. They put up 42 points in a huge win over Florida State. Ohio State and Alabama would follow. Ohio State would defeat Alabama and move on to the National Championship to take on Oregon.

The first ever College playoff National Championship would go to Ohio State. Zeke Elliot, Ohio State’s running back, ran for 246 yards and four touchdowns.

“This has to be the best college football story.  To go through 3 quarterbacks and win the national championship is something huge,” Senior Tyler Emge said.

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