Parents of Sandy Hook Victims Sue School

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The families of two of the 20 students killed in the 2012 Sany Hook shooting massacre are suing the town of Newtown, Connecticut, for lack of school security.

These families are suing on the grounds that the school district did not install doors that could be locked from the outside and install bullet proof glass.

The shooting that happened on 14 December 2012, was one of the worst shootings in U.S. history. Adam Lanza entered the school and shot dead twenty first graders before turning the gun on himself.

The families of these victims are blaming the school and town for the tragedy. They’re saying that the school did not have the appropriate safety protocol for the school.

“I think it’s terrible what happened, and I think that, if the school didn’t have the right set up to prevent the tragedy, then that’s a shame,” senior Mitch Kinek said.

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