Cleveland Cavaliers’ King Returns Home

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The biggest news from the NBA heading into this season was that “The King,” LeBron James, decided to leave South Beach to head back to his home in Cleveland with the Cavaliers. James went straight into the NBA Draft after graduating his high school, St. Vincent-St. Mary’s.

He was drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he played for seven years until he took his talents to the Miami Heat in 2010. He played there for four years, where he won two championships and made a trip to the finals during all four years. During the summer, LeBron decided he would head back to his hometown team in Ohio.

“I think the Cavs have great potential, they haven’t started out the best.  That’s bound to happen with new teammates,” junior Hunter Zagorski said.

The Cavaliers haven’t done as well since James left in 2010, with young superstar Kyrie Irving attempting to lead the charge.

Lately, the Cavs have made many changes, mainly by bringing LeBron back, but also by bringing in Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves. They have created their own “Big Three” made up of Irving, James, and Love.

This is similar to what King James experienced in Miami with Wade and Bosh. The organization is looking to replicate the success the Miami “Big Three” had.

Unfortunately, so far for Cleveland fans, they haven’t gotten off to the best start, with an average record thus far. It seems the owners of the team are looking to make more improvements by entering a three-way trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the New York Knicks.

Oklahoma City would pick up shooting guard Dion Waiters from Cleveland, which would receive J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert from New York.

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