Junior Hunter Zagorski Joins The Tigers

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Hunter Zagorski entered the realm of Fleetwood Area High School this year. Zagorski, who previously attended Wilson and Upper Perkiomen for the past nine-and-a-half years, moved in the summer and had a decision to make, Fleetwood or Schuylkill Valley. He eventually chose to join the Tigers in the coming school year.

“The main reason was for soccer.  Fleetwood’s soccer history is incredible,” says Zagorski.

Hunter’s “soccer” decision proved to be a rather good one after scoring the winning goal in Fleetwood’s 12th District Championship win. The junior played outside back for the Tigers, who had a decent season but made a fantastic run at the playoffs, winning districts and making it to the final four in states.

“Hunter was way out of position, but it proved to be a good mistake,” Greg Kambakis said.

Hunter was born on 12 July 1998 in Warsaw, Poland. The first school he attended was Shiloh Hills.

“I love my new friends and the atmosphere here,” Zagorski said.

Fleetwood seems to have been the perfect choice for the junior. It didn’t seem to take much time for him to find his friends and fit into the Fleetwood Fold.

“I think Fleetwood is better for me than my other schools.  I feel like I fit in a lot better here,” Zagorski said.

He plans on furthering his education and attending college at either the University of Tampa or Saint Leo University. He would like to study computer science. After his college years, he would like to stay in Florida and find work there.

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