Frau Moll Takes German Club to Deitsch Eck

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On Friday, 13 March, Frau Moll’s German students took a trip to the restaurant Deitsch Eck in Lenhartsville. They departed from school at 11:30 a.m., and their reservation was for 12:00.

The restaurant is usually not open for lunch, but an exception was made for the Fleetwood students. All of the members of the German club were not afraid to taste everything that there was to offer. Everyone had seconds of the pot pie and potato filling, which seemed to be a favorite.

Pig stomach was supposed to be a big part of the students’ meal, but it was not prepared due to an injury the cook suffered.  Therefore, students just had ham as their alternate choice.

Deitsch Eck is not like your average restaurant. It looks more like a home. The main decorations are hex signs, which are represented to scare away evil spirits and are, therefore, known for good luck. After eating their meal, there were many different pies from which to choose.

“It’s a cultural experience that we look forward to every year,” German teacher Christine Moll said.

“Tasty experience, homey atmosphere,” freshman Arlynne Bermudez-Morales said.

“We had an interesting journey to the restaurant, and the hex signs on the barns were captivating. The food was very plain compared to my culture,” junior Mileishlia J. Fernandes-Morales said.

“Wonderfully delicious!” senior Tyler Emge said.

“YUM!” junior Ben Reed said.

One of the students’ main complaints was that the restaurant was very small and they ran out of apple pie. Students did enjoy seeing how everything was decorated, not to mention the delicious cuisine. 

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