STEM Event Recognizes Fleetwood Students

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The Young Women in STEM Recognition Event was held in the Fleetwood Area High School auditorium on 20 April.

The Fleetwood STEM teachers have nominated students from their classes who possess talent and potential in the STEM-related career field. The students nominated were recognized, and the student from each grade who received the highest number of teacher nominations received an award.

The students who received these awards were freshman Ripley Price, sophomore Carly Mitchell, junior Rebecca Reinert, and senior Katrina Fullington.

One senior was chosen to receive a scholarship in the amount of $500. The senior who received this was Haley Schappell.

The students were also partnered with female STEM professionals for a small group mentoring session. Dr. Frye, from Kutztwon mentored the mathematics and technology group. Julie Cox, from Kline, mentored the bioengineering group. Looney and Spayd mentored the technology group. Dr. Fredericka Heller mentored the  science and medicine group.

STEM is designed to encourage the girls in high school who display high ability skills in challenging math, technology, and science classes to continue taking these courses beyond their high school career. STEM hopes to move closer to gender equality in education and occupations in the math, technology, and science fields.

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