Former Patriot Aaron Herandez Convicted Of Murder

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Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end, is now a convicted murderer.

Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison last week for the murder of Odin Lloyd, a twenty-seven-year old landscaper and amateur football player.

Hernandez was with Odin Lloyd the night he died along with two other men. Surveillance videos show that Hernandez was also carrying a gun the night of the murder.

According to GPS locations from his car, he was at the dump site of Odin Lloyd’s body. Witnesses inside the car say that Hernandez shot and killed Lloyd inside the car for gang-related purposes, then proceeded to dump the body at a remote location.

Hernandez is also still awaiting trial on murder charges on a separate drive-by shooting incident of two men over a spilled drink in a night club.

“I think it’s crazy that you can go from an NFL star to a convicted murderer,” senior Matt Hook said.

Before his arrest in June 2013, Hernandez was one of the NFL’s brightest stars. He and Rob Gronkowski were named the NFL’s best receiving duo that year.

Over his three year career, Hernandez caught 175 passes, 18 touchdowns, and became a steady target for future Hall Of Fame Quarterback, Tom Brady.

Hernandez was also put on suicide watch from the Massachusetts State Prison, where he is currently being held.

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