Brush Up on 2015 Hairstyle Trends

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There are a lot of new trending hairstyles in this year’s 2015 collection. The popular hairstyles of both men and women change frequently, especially from lighter colors to darker depending on the season.

According to Bazaar, Boho Waves are very popular. This is more of a Bohemian style. They are waves, mainly for long-haired women with loose curls that can be parted either down the middle or off to one of the sides.

Another style from Bazaar is long tails. It is a sleeked-back ponytail to give off a professional and classic look. It can go with any style, espically with a scarf. From a pony, people wear a style called “Gills,” which is a ponytail with individual bands around the hair hanging off the head. This style is worn by a variety of stars and models, from Stella McCartney to Guy Laroche.

A huge trend that everyone is wearing is braids. Most common is the French braid. Some girls have two braids that go to the sides of their heads. This is a good style because of the hot weather coming up. It can match with many different styles. Another style of braid is the fishtail braid. Although it is difficult to do, it looks impressive after it is finished. People normally wear the braids loose to give it more of a laid back effect rather than having ittight, which can cause a headache.

Another popular style is a bun. Girls wear buns on top of their head, to the side, or even two buns. Like a braid, they keep the hair out of your face, which gives it more of a professional look. Girls can also use sock buns or even a noted bun. If you want more of a messy look to your bun, you can twist your hair into a ball and wrap a ponytail to keep it in place.

Women usually like to have their hair with more of a lighter color because of the sun in the summer. Toward the winter, with the colder weather they tend to have more of a darker effect to their hair.

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