Ebersole Named Teacher of the Year

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This year’s high school Teacher of the Year award was given to music teacher Charles Ebersole.

“I feel honored, humble, and I was very surprised. We were doing a recording session when Mr. Herman wanted to present it to me, and I almost didn’t make it in time. To say the least, I was just very surprised because there were many teachers who would have deserved this award,” Ebersole said.

Ebersole grew up in Lancaster Township. He met his wife when they were both attending the same college.
He went to school for four years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and earned his bachelor’s degree in music education and continued to get his master’s degree at Temple University.

He obtained a master’s degree in Tuba Performance.

Ebersole has six children, and they are all musicians. In his free time, he likes to watch baseball and go fly fishing.
He likes to vacation out in the woods or in the mountains and stay in a cabin.

“I don’t really like the beach, but a lot of my family does,” Ebersole said.

Ebersole enjoys all different types of music, and his favorite artist is Billy Joel.

“My favorite song would have to be either Piano Man or Stairway to Heaven,” Ebersole said.

He has been teaching at Fleetwood for thirty years now and has been a teacher overall for thirty-four years.

“The four years I was not teaching here at Fleetwood I was in western Pennsylvania teaching band rehearsals,” Ebersole said.

The main courses he teaches is music theory and band, and his two new electives are movie/film music and history of rock n’ roll and jazz.

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