Reporter Bio–Emily Moyer

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EmilyMoyerOn 17 April 1997, Emily Moyer was born. She’s a passionate senior whose favorite color is light grey. When asked what her favorite season is, Moyer said, “Winter, because it’s cold and I absolutely hate the heat.”  Her favorite genres of music are indie, rap, and old school rock. Her favorite flower is a red rose because they’re gorgeous. If money was no issue, Moyer would want to be a kindergarten teacher. Her plans after graduation are to go to Northhampton to be a mortician. If she could have one thing in the world, it would be a world with people who do not judge one another. If she could have a day with any dead person, she would want it to be with Amy Winehouse. If Moyer could be famous for any reason, she’d want to be a singer. Moyer said that, if she could be any animal, she would want to be a panda “because all they do is eat, sleep, and chill.” When asked what time period she would want to live in, Moyer said the 1950s. In five years, Moyer sees herself with a bachelor’s degree in mortuary science and hopes to have her own funeral home in Connecticut. Moyer picked journalism because “Houp is [her ] favorite person” and “[she loves] writing.”

By Lauren Boyer

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