Reporter Bio–Erin Maynard

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ErinMaynardSenior Erin Maynard has attended the Fleetwood Area High School her entire life. She is seventeen-years-old. If you happen to bump into her on 21 October, make sure to wish her a happy birthday! Lauren Boyer has been by her side as her best friend since sixth grade. The definition of a friend to Maynard is trustworthy, funny, and relatable with few differences. She likes diversity in friends for better conversation starters. As of right now, she plans on attending Montgomery County Community College for two years and then completing her higher education at Kutztown University. Erin works at McDonald’s and enjoys her time there. She would love to travel to the Bahamas to go sunbathing on the beach. She cannot be away too long because she has responsibilities at home with her many pets. These pets include her two chickens, Daisy and Marigold; two bunnies, Latte and Mocha; and two dogs, Luna and Max. Kohl’s is her favorite store at which to shop, and purple is her favorite color! Unfortunately, Maynard’s favorite teacher is English teacher Sarah Wilkinson.

By Laura Seidel

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