Fleetwood Students Save Lives

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The Miller Keystone Blood Center hosted a blood drive at Fleetwood Area High school on 7 October 2015. Students who were at least seventeen years of age had the option of signing up a week prior for time slots to donate blood. These donations took place on the stage of the auditorium.

The actual process takes only fifteen minutes, but with the pre-physical and refreshments afterwards, the time commitment totals up to about an hour. Students are eager to not only get out of class but also to help people.

“I want to be a nurse and enjoy helping people,” senior Morgan Long said.

The first portion of the drive is to sign in and report to the volunteer. They measure heart rate and blood pressure to ensure that students are in good enough health to donate. The donation process is a lengthy one. After the health check, there is a test taken on the computer to make sure the donor fits all other requirements necessary to donate blood. Even faculty donated at the event.

Once a spot is open, the donor is guided to a chair where he or she then gets blood drawn from them. The blood drive at Fleetwood was considered very successful. According to Michelle Zurawski, the Keystone Blood-Drive Center Resources Representative, there were sixty-one units of blood obtained. It is proven that each unit of blood can save three lives. Through sixty-one donations, Fleetwood Area High School potentially helped save one 181 lives.

“I like the idea of saving someone’s life,” school nurse Mrs. Bonnie Fansler said.

Fleetwood will be hosting another blood drive this coming spring.

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