Parisian Attacks Open Door to Terrorism

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Terrorist attacks are unfortunately becoming more frequent. Terrorists don’t care who gets hurts, as long as they make their point. Paris went through a bombing and shooting, but they are still a strong city that is not backing down. There were multiple occurrences that happened on 13 November that left Paris in tragedy.

In Paris, at a sports stadium, there was a world soccer match between France and Germany. Tragedy struck during the game when a loud bang went off. There were suicide bombers with AK-47s attached to their bodies. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. One hundred fifty-three people were killed in the attack.

There was also a shooting in a Bataclan concert hall, where a death metal band was playing until the sound of gun shots were heard. Everyone started to duck as the noises got closer.

“Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation,” commented.

The attacks all happened near central Paris. There was another attack at Petit Cambodge, a restaurant in Rue Bichat, and a bar right across the street. ISIS killed many people that night.

“The whole thing is super scary and makes me worried about the safety of our own country because I know we have major issues with ISIS too. But, it’s a shame to see something like that happen there just because they’ve always seemed like such a stable, safe country,” senior Danica Flinchbaugh said.

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