Global Warming Hurts Some, Benefits Others

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Everyone knows that global warming has been a hot topic for quite some time. Some species are in more danger than others. In this case, the Bowhead whales are adapting quite well to the warming of Arctic waters.

For some animals such as the polar bears, it is easy to see what they need. The bears need the sea ice to live on. The ice is declining, so it is possible that, in years to come, the species will die off and become extinct. Marine mammals like walruses, ringed seals, and bearded seals could be directly affected by the ice decline as well.

“That is a horrible thing to happen, and it is sad to see that the animals are in harm due to the Arctic climate changes,” junior Pierre Richard said.

For some species, such as the bowhead whales, this gives them more feeding opportunities because all of the animals are forced into the water more often. Due to the enhancements of the bowhead whales feeding conditions, the whales’ overall health seems to be improving. Scientists say that the whales need to take in 100 metric tons of food in their diet each year.

“Although it is harmful for the rest of the sea mammals, it is good to hear that this creature is getting something good out of the warming of waters,” junior Nate Wolfe said.

Although this Arctic change is harmful for the majority of the sea life living in the Arctic, the bowhead whale has a better quality of life thanks to the warming of waters. Their estimated life span is usually around seventy years. However, more recent studies explain that the sea beasts are able to live until age one hundred.

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