FAHS Winter Concert Is A Holiday Hit

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Band, Chorus, and Orchestra members alike waited in anticipation for their performances in Fleetwood’s 2015 Winter Concert held on 10 December 2015. The auditorium was filled with family and friends of performing musicians, with bouquets lining the edge of the stage.

Just outside of the auditorium, musicians could be found warming up their voices and preparing their instruments for performance.

“I felt very nervous but confident,” chorus member Cortney Geist said.

“I’m going to sing my heart out. I’m ready to go out there and blow the crowd away!” junior Shane Burt said.

Despite the mild weather, the performers captured the wintry, Christmas spirit through their selections. Chorale preformed first, followed by the Men’s Chorus and String Ensemble. Next were Women’s Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, the combined Choirs, Orchestra, Chorailers, the Symphonic Band, and, finally, the combined choirs, orchestra, and band.

Notable performances included “In the Bleak Midwinter,” performed by the Men’s chorus; “The Sussex Mummer’s Christmas Carol”, performed by the String Ensemble; “Joy to the World,” as performed by the Vocal Ensemble; “A Mad Russian’s Christmas,” performed by the Orchestra; “Emmanuel Variants,” performed by the Symphonic Band; and, of course, the finale, “A Christmas Celebration,” performed by all three sects of the music department.

After all the performances had finished and the concert came to a close, a reception was held in the cafeteria. The Cadillacs performed several songs in the cafeteria while the reception took place. There were Christmas cookies and other such desserts as well as a selection of drinks.

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