Random Profile: Logan Morris

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The commonly seen senior, Logan Morris, has been living and attending Fleetwood Area High School all of his life. If you see him in the month of July, wish him a Happy Birthday!

In Reading Hospital on 14 July, Morris was born.

He does not have much of an interest in sports; however, he loves to hang out with his girlfriend Alisa. As of right now, he works in Leesport at Magic Suds Car Wash. Although he sometimes enjoys his job there, his future career goals include the dream of becoming an automotive mechanic. Preparing for his future, he is going to Berks Technical Institute to be able to attain his dream.

His dream car is a Toyota Supra, which he would make either black or grabber blue. If given the choice, he would cruise around the world to build and work on the nice cars in different areas and different parts of the world. The ideal life he would chose for himself would be to have fancy cars, a big house, a lovely wife, and children.

The feeling of love for Logan comes from having feelings for someone that he can trust, be loyal to, and care for no matter what the situation is. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, who he considers his best and closest friend.

Some people would not want to live to be the age of one hundred, but Logan would be thrilled to see the big “one-zero-zero” on his birthday cake! If his house were to somehow magically burn down, he would save the people inside rather than any material or worldly possessions.

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