Artifact 2016 in the Works

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Artifact is a book put together every year by the students of Fleetwood Area High School. It includes amazing writings of every kind and wonderful artwork made by the talented students at Fleetwood.

Anyone can submit art or writings for Artifact. The deadline for submission was 10 January. The theme this year is, “Accepting multi-hued points of view,” and there was an amazing turn out for writings and art dealing with this topic.

Artifact is an awesome way to express yourself. Some writings in the book are anonymous, or one can take credit and give his or her name when submitting.

“Artifact this year is about considering other points of view and different kinds of thinking,” Artifiact adviser and art teacher Diane Chisdak said.  “We’re hoping to get very original works of art to help see things from the many different perspectives of the student body. What we do is match the different art submitted and the writings to make sure everything goes together perfectly, creating their own theme within the theme.”

“CDs made by the music students are also in the back off the book,” Chisdak said.  “We also have the art event to help raise money to fund the book. We have 2016 art shirts for sale, and we do all of this to celebrate art.”

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