Interact Club Runs Food Drive

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Fleetwood’s Interact Club ran a Food Drive to help support the Brandywine Food Pantry. The Food Drive ran from 1 February until 15 February. The Brandywine Food Pantry recently moved its home and supplier. It is now supplied by the Greater Berks Food Bank.  However, because the move is so new, they are not yet receiving items from Greater Berks Food Bank.

Wendy Breunig is the woman who organizes the Brandywine Food Pantry. She sent the Interact Club Secretary a list of all the items that were needed by the pantry.

Marie Fenstermacher used to be the person who organized and ran the Brandywine Food Pantry before it relocated because she is the Administrator at the church where it was located.

For this Food Drive, the club had to get together the boxes, make flyers for the school, and make the handouts. The English teachers were kind enough to make the announcement for the Food Drive and told students that they can drop off their items in the boxes in their classrooms.

For this Food Drive, there was a little twist. They added a little insensitive for the students and teachers to donate. For every item that was brought in, the student (or teacher) earned two raffle tickets. Those two tickets were put into an envelope that each teacher had, then into a bigger envelope later. At the end of the Food Drive, one ticket was selected, and the winner would won a twenty dollar Visa Gift Card.

“We did it because we knew Food Drives don’t really bring much success, so we wanted to see if more people would participate if there was a prize offered,” junior Logan Carbaugh said.

If the Interact Club found that it was a better success, they may think of running another one in the future, maybe with a bigger prize next time.

“Hopefully the next time we run one, we will get an even bigger participation result than this first time,” junior Katie Jones said.

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