Fleetwood Prepares for Mini-THON 2016

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Penn State University’s dance marathon, or THON, has made waves in the fundraising world by raising millions of dollars every year for pediatric cancer research. This year’s event raised almost ten million dollars, and 2014 stands as the record-holder with over thirteen million dollars in funds raised.

Just as important as the almost 130 million dollars that THON’s website claims it has raised in its history is the that it has inspired high schools all over the state to hold their own smaller fundraisers.

These fundraisers have become known as Mini-THONs, and they have been prosperous in their own right. Just in the 2010-2011 school year, Mini-THONs across the state of Pennsylvania combined to raise over 1.3 million dollars.

Fleetwood began participating last year and will put on its second annual event on 21 May. The event is orchestrated by members of Student Council

Mini-THON’s first year in Fleetwood surpassed the organizers’ expectations. Between the event itself and other fundraisers for the same cause, Fleetwood Area High School raised $7,547.54 for pediatric cancer research.

As a way to raise money before Mini-THON begins, Fleetwood hosted a night at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Wyomissing, where fifty percent of all money from participating customers went towards making Mini-THON a success.

The night, which uses the fundraiser For the Kids, or FTK, is open to all Fleetwood Area High School students. After a night of dancing and other activities, the evening concludes the way the real THON does. Several students, each holding one number, will stand up on the stage and reveal how much money the event raised.

Students and staff should contact history teacher Sue Nagle to find out more information.

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