Makeup Tips And Tricks for the Health-Conscious Fashionista

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Makeup has alternated through the years. Women and even men are starting to wear more makeup. The effects of makeup can damage skin. Picking different products can be challenging.

Lipstick can be used as a striking look, but it also causes lips to lose moisture. Applying lip balm before applying lipstick can help keep lips moisturized. Using red lipstick may look good with an outfit, but it also may contain dangerous amounts of lead.

Applying creams and moisturizers can help keep skin soft and protected. Creams that contain oil and paraffin can damage skin to the extent of losing barriers on the skin and can even cause your skin to lose more moisture. When buying moisturizer, try looking for natural products that contain water, hydrosols, plant oils, and emulsifiers. Using natural products can help rejuvenate your skin.

Some women love wearing eye makeup, especially to draw attention to their eyes more than their skin. Using mascara and eyeshadow can damage eyes very badly. Some types of mascara can cause blindness, but sometimes it’s just how certain products react to a certain type of skin; everyone is different. Be careful if using contacts; some products have a reaction with makeup when they come in contact with each other.

If you have acne, using large amounts of makeup can clog pores and damage skin more. Light makeup is better. Avoid using products that have a fragrance; this can cause irritation to skin. When using concealer, apply to the areas that you want to cover up instead of applying to your whole face.

Some artificial color products can cause irritation to skin as well. This can be in eye shadow, blush, concealer, and foundation. Stay away from products that extract natural oils in skin. This causes dryness to your skin. When you are applying makeup, you want to apply lightly. Adding too much pressure to skin when applying makeup can expose skin to more bacteria, which can also cause skin to break out.

Sometimes it’s not even the makeup that can damage skin.  Using certain types of brushes can be extremely damaging to skin and can cause a person to break out and have dry skin. Keeping all your brushes clean is a very important. Applying old makeup that was left on brushes causes your skin to break out from the oils and bacteria left on the brushes.

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