Random Profile: Joselyn Torres

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Joselyn Torres is a new student at Fleetwood Area High School. She moved here around early last January from New York. Torres is a sophomore.

Torres plays basketball at Fleetwood. This is her first year actually playing basketball.  She says she doesn’t love it but tries her.

“She is totally relaxed and confident when playing basketball and always has a positive attitude.  She gives 100% at every practice,” coach Deborah Phillips said

She lived in New York and went to Mott Hall V. She says there were many differences between Fleetwood and Mott Hall. They were required to wear uniforms at Mott Hall. Every year, towards the end of the year, they had a camping trip.

One of her hobbies is taking pictures. She is in photography. In the class, students normally take pictures of landscapes based on certain topics. After taking the pictures, they have to edit them to their liking. Some of her other hobbies are sleeping and watching movies. She also loves to see her dad race at the tracks.

After high school, Torres wants to become a physician. The college she is looking into attending is Lehigh University. She does well in school. To reach her goal to be a physician, she must take trigonometry and biology. She is working hard to reach this goal.

Torres was born in Florida. Her family travels there a lot. She has been on the road a lot since her early childhood, but she is glad to finally be staying in one place.

Torres wants to go into the military for 10 years. She wants to become a combat medic. She wants to help all the people in need.

When Torres was young, her mother put her into a military program. Some of the things that they do are shooting at the range, camping, and scuba diving.

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