Reporter Bio: Mina Isaac

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isaacMina Isaac was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on 22 May 1999. He and his family moved to Fleetwood when he was in sixth grade. His favorite part of living in Egypt was his close proximity to the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. While he is from Egypt, he is of half Libyan descent on his mother’s side. Mina’s family still makes Egyptian food on a regular basis, and his favorite Egyptian food is shawarma, which is a meat filled sandwich wrap.

Mina’s future plans include attending Kutztown University to study physical therapy. His dream job is to become a team therapist for an NFL team. Currently, he works at Wal-Mart as a theft prevention associate. Mina played football in ninth and tenth grade but quit so he could get a job and make money.

Mina considers his greatest achievement to be learning English. He describes his definition of happiness as being more than content with life at a certain point of time and the feeling of being accomplished. The greatest lesson he has learned is that, even if you work hard, you are not guaranteed success. However, hard work does raise your chances of success. He considers his Christian religion to be important  because it helps him be a better person.

Mina is in his first year of journalism. He took this class because he loves Mr. Houp, and because his likes to write and hopes this class will improve his writing.

By Ben Schittler

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