What’s in McDonalds’ Food?

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Ever wonder what you are actually eating while you are eating it? Many people don’t think about it at all, and some try not to think about it.

Ar McDonald’s, people often don’t know what they are putting in their bodies. Commercials claim it is all white meat in their chicken nuggets, real angus beef in their burgers, fresh oil for their fries, and real organic eggs for their breakfast sandwiches.

If someone has seen the movie ‘Supersize Me,’ then he or she has witnessed what is in that food and what can happen to his or her body over just a short period of time from eating the food.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it is about a man who eats McDonald’s every day for one month and had kidney failure and many other problems due to the food he ate.  And, remember, that was only for one month. Some people eat McDonald’s all the time–for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The movie is actual proof that the food can cause tons of problems for the body, such as clogged arteries, kidney failure, and even some bad cases of heart disease. All of this comes from one chain of fast food restaurants and doesn’t exculpate their competitors..

The worst part is some people know exactly what is in the food, yet they continue to eat the product.

“I love the fries and chicken nuggets–Ba Da Ba Ba Ba,” English teacher Mrs. Wilkinson sang.

According to www.cnbc.com, McDonald’s chicken nuggets are a “pinkish” slime before they are made to order. Most of that slime is made up of  mostly chicken beaks.

The website www.care2.com claims that the burgers are also made from this pink slime.

Most fast-food places do the same thing as McDonald’s, but McDonald’s has experienced the worst backlash because they have been doing it for so long.

The images on the websites above might be all the evidence you need.

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