Fleetwood Football Loses to Kutztown

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The Fleetwood football team suffered a sad defeat to Kutztown Area High School. Many of the players were disappointed in the outcome of the game. All of the fans thought this game was a sure win for the team.

“I feel like we had a slow start but came back in the second half. If we had a full roster, it would have been a different outcome. Respect where respect is due though–Kutztown has become a better team than in past years. Although my last game was not a win, I’m going to cherish my memories and experiences from playing with this team,” senior Ty Galtere said.

The football team finished 1-9. All their games were very close. The Kutztown score was just separated by one point: a very close game, much like the other games this season.

The football team hopes to bounce back next season from the tough one they had this year. The trophy for the well known “Charity Bowl,” which is what organizers call the Kutztown vs. Fleetwood game because all the profits go to local charity, is now at Kutztown Area High School. That just gives the football team of next year a chance to avenge their loss and get the trophy.

Many of the seniors who played this year will obviously be gone next year, which will only make the season harder. With a senior quarterback and running back, it will be very tough to maintain the offense the team has now.

The football team has over ten seniors, and they are a huge part of the group. This summer, there will be a fight for the starting jobs, hoping to make an improvement for the next season.

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