NFL Playoffs Nearing

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The NFL is nearing the end of the regular season. There are some teams who already have a spot in the playoffs, and then there are other teams, like the Browns, who have yet to win a game and have been eliminated from the playoffs.

The Cowboys are surprising everyone so far this year. They have the best record in the NFL, with a rookie quarterback and a rookie running back. Last year, they ended 4-12, so leading the division this year with the best record in the NFL in week twelve is very impressive.

As for the AFC, the Raiders and the Patriots are currently leading. Both teams have already clinched the playoff position, as did the Cowboys. All three teams are going to be very tough to beat, especially the Cowboys because they are in the NFC while the Patriots and Raiders are in the AFC.

The Browns’ season is more than disappointing this year. In week thirteen, they have zero wins, and a win doesn’t look like it will be coming anytime soon, even though there could be a miracle.

The Panthers aren’t doing as well as everyone believed they would be. Last year, they took a visit to the Super Bowl. They didn’t lose many players over the off-season besides Josh Norman, so they were expected to be just as good, but they started off badly and haven’t gotten on track yet.

In week thirteen, they are 4-8, and it doesn’t look like they will start playing better anytime soon, even with a division that has no standout teams. The leader of their division is a tie between Atlanta and Tampa Bay.

“I hate it. The Eagles [stink] every year, and I’m getting tired of watching them. They are the only team I do watch, so seeing them always lose gets boring and not fun,” senior Brodrick Allen said.

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