Beijing Engulfed In Mass Amounts of Smog

Posted on January 5, 2017 by


In the past week, Beijing, among other Chinese Provinces, have been swamped in mass amounts of smog. The particles invading the air have now reached over twenty times the safe amount, according to The World Health Organization.

The effects of the smog have escalated quickly. These worsening problems include grounding flights, closing highways, and harming the country’s food supply. If these conditions continue, there is a likely possibility that agricultural production in the country could take a serious hit.

At this point in time, 147 of Beijing’s industrial companies have cut or suspended production. Schools currently remain open, and transportation has been limited to government cars.

This pollution exposes the people to serious risk. These risks include damage to cardiovascular systems, cerebrovascular systems, and also cancer.

Multiple lawsuits have been made from citizens due to the dangers they have been exposed to and the little effort made to contain the situation.

The pollution is likely caused by coal-fired power plants that were built very rapidly. These plants are providing 60% of the country’s electricity at the expense of the environment.

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