How Do Movies Work?

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Movies date all the way back to the year 1878. Movies come in so many different genres. Comedy, thriller, horror, and drama are some of the most watched movie genres according to, with comedies coming in first place. The love for comedies comes from the viewer looking to escape the real world for about two hours. Movies are a way to escape whatever is happening outside of the theater and focus on what is happening inside of it. Movies captivate the person and tell a story by way of video. This is anything but a simple task.

Making a movie has myriad parts that all must be done perfectly for everything to come together. The main part that people tend to think about is the acting. Casting is a crucial part of making a movie. The right people must be chosen for the right parts because, if the actor does not make you believe what they are doing or saying, then it will be hard to enjoy the motion picture.

Another vital part of a movie is the editing. Without editing, the movie would be one very long shot, and it would quickly lose the viewer’s attention. For each movie, editing is different and will depend on what genre the movie classifies as. For example, in horror movies, the cuts might be very fast to frighten the spectator. This is a sort of jump scare that tends to get to the viewer and scare them.

In a musical, things are a bit different. Cuts are plentiful and happen so often that it may lead the viewer to be overwhelmed by it.

Mise-en-scene is how everything is placed, including the lighting and the props and the way the actors are positioned. It all has a certain meaning, and the more one watches movies, the more they appreciate such things. For example, in the movie The Sixth Sense, the color red appears many times with a significant meaning. The movie has a muted color palette aside from the red sticking out in many scenes. The color symbolized anything in the “real world” that has been tainted by the other world.

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