2017 Season Brings Two Milestones To Girls’ Basketball

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Mr. Matt Kellett, a Fleetwood Area High School girl’s basketball coach, recently earned his 100th win, and Fleetwood senior Lauren Lister recorded her 1,000 point.

It has been an exciting season for Fleetwood girls’ basketball, with two career milestones being reached by two different individuals.

Kellett’s 100 wins came when the Fleetwood girls’ basketball team defeated Muhlenberg, 40-33. It was a close battle the whole way, but the girls fought hard and came out with a seven point win.

When Kellett was asked if getting 100 wins was exciting, his response showed that he did not think much of it, saying, “It was just another game, just a divisional game that we needed to win.”

He also did not want to take credit for the wins.

“The girls get all the credit for all those 100 wins. They did all the heavy work,” Kellett said.

The Fleetwood girls’ basketball team has yet to lose a game since the 100th win. They are on a 10-game winning streak and look to continue this way of playing and coaching until the end of the regular season and even through playoffs.

Lauren Lister, a Fleetwood High School senior recorded 1,000 points late in 2016. It was early into the season, only 6 games in, when she earned the 1,000th point.

It was a very exciting game for Lister, but, unfortunately, the girls came up three points short against West Chester Henderson.

Lister recorded the 1,000th point late in the third quarter. She needed 15 points that game. She ended up with a game-high 26 points.

Lister only recorded 5 points in the first half but then had an outstanding second half performance and recorded 21 points.

Lister was the fifth player in Fleetwood girls basketball history to record 1,000 points, joining Donna Werner, Jill Henne, Katie Madenford, and Cyre Virgo.

Being in a group with those girls is a big accomplishment. It is something to remember for senior, Lauren Lister, and an exciting moment for all of the girls’ team and the whole Fleetwood Area High School.

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