Wilkinson Holds Monthly Book Club

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English teacher Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson holds Book Club in her classroom once every month. She assigns a book for the students to read, and they have one month to finish the book.

Once the book is finished and it is the date that she assigns the meeting on, all the students come to her room that day and discuss what the book was about.

While they are in the meeting, kids bring in food for all the other students to eat and for everyone to enjoy their time.

Wilkinson does not pick the books for each year. At the end of one year, she will have the kids bring in their own books. If the kids like the books, then they suggest the books to Wilkinson, and if they don’t like it, they tell her it isn’t a good book.

Not only is it an exciting club to attend, but it also will look good for colleges.

If a student goes to book club, the college will like to see that this student will do clubs out of school and are very active with school activities.

A lot of colleges like to see kids being active out of school and not just having good grades and working hard in the classroom.

This club can be fun and could also be helpful at the same time, and Wilkinson and student teacher Mrs. Milione would love it if people would come out and join them once a month for a good read.

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