Do It Yourself: No Sew Handbags

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If you are not the most crafty person or have a tough time with needles and thread, then keep reading. A way to make a stylish, cost-efficient bag without having to sew anything has been found.

It has been trending on the DIY scale for a while. Many people enjoy this quick, ten-minute craft and find it very useful as well. Women often use them as diaper bags or bags for the beach. It is a quick grab-and-go bag.  It’s light, and the soft cotton material won’t bother your neck and shoulders, which is a frequent complaint among many handbags. Here is how you can make your own:

The first step is to grab any shirt you would like, old or new, and cut the sleeves off of it. You can fold the shirt in half to make it easier to cut both sleeves off at the seams to make an even cut if you have thin material. If the material used is thick, it is recommended that it is cut one sleeve at a time.

Next, you must cut the seams around the neckhole. You can use a bowl to make the cut a bit bigger than the normal sized hole. This will be the opening, or top, of the bag.

After cutting the neck hole, you have to decide how large you want the body of the bag to be. It will work easier if you turn the shirt inside out.  That way you can mark the specific line you would like to cut.

Once the line is cut, you will have to cut the front and back material of the shirt in vertical sections about an inch apart.  After those are cut, you should be able to tie them together. You can double knot the slits for more support.

You then flip the bag inside out again, and you have your completed product!

For added accessories, you can (and should) bedazzle it with gemstones, or you can cut the sleeves and tie them in a knot as well for a smaller strap.

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