March Madness Heats Up

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March Madness started on 14 March with the qualification round. The first round is generally considered less exciting as all the other rounds. It does not secure as many viewers as all the other rounds either.

The second round is when a lot of upsets happen. The round of 64 is where first seeds play sixteenth seeds, second seeds play fifteenth seeds, etc.

The first to sixteenth seeded matchup is almost a given for the first seed. Never in the history of March Madness has a first seed lost to a sixteenth seed. The second to fifteenth seed games are different. It isn’t too common for the fifteenth seed to beat the second seed, but it does happen every once in awhile.

This year in the first round of the tournament, there weren’t too many big upsets, but there were a fair amount. USC beating SMU was an upset that was not expected to happen by most people.

Middle Tennessee was a twelfth seed who upset the fifth seed, but most people saw Minnesota as over-ranked, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise to most people when Minnesota lost.

South Carolina is the seventh seed. They beat Marquette in the first round. They went on to pull a huge upset and knock Duke out of the tournament, and now they continue on to the Final Four.

Lavar Ball was telling all of the media about how UCLA was going to win the National Championship, but they ended up losing in the Sweet 16 to Kentucky.

UNC’s head coach Roy Williams is making another appearance in the Final Four, but every other head coach that’s in the Final Four is there for the first time ever. Roy Williams has some experience over these coaches.

Last year, UNC lost to Villanova on a buzzer beater three-pointer in the National Championship game. This year, Villanova was knocked out early against Wisconsin, and now UNC looks to win the whole tournament.

Gonzaga and North Carolina are the two number one seeds that remain in the tournament, Oregon is a three seed, and then South Carolina is being called the Cinderella team, and they are the seventh seed.

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