Reporter Bio: Jack Pickar

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Jack Pickar was born on 10 May  2000 to Jennifer and Larry Pickar. Pickar’s childhood best friend is Matthew Angstadt; they still talk all the time. In his spare time, Pickar likes to sleep, hang out with his friends, and watch his favorite TV show, Game Of Thrones. Julia,19, his older sister, is the closest family member he has, although Pickar says his parents have influenced him the most. He is a waiter at his family business, McArdle’s Pub.  

Pickar has always been interested in journalism and has received many recommendations to join The Tiger Times. For a profession, he used to make up a different job every time he was asked what he wanted to do. Pickar is still undecided. Pickar enjoys journalism because “you’re able to speak your mind and put your own touch on articles about a certain topic.” His favorite topic is English, and he does very well in it.

Pickar wants to attend college; however, he is not interested in going just yet. He receives many recommendations to major in journalism or science. Pickar’s nickname is ‘Jack Spicy.’ His definition of happiness is the ability to see the best in things and being able to smile even though things are difficult. If he could be reborn, Pickar would like to be reborn as a chinchilla.

By Elyse Essick

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