Mandatory Recycling Makes an Impact

Posted on October 23, 2017 by


Recycling has been around for years, and it’s definitely influencing the environment.

Thirty of the nation’s one hundred largest cities have mandatory recycling. Mandatory recycling only began in January of 2006. Since then, recycling rates have increased.

Mandatory recycling mostly affects businesses.  Enforcement on this in the workplace must be implied because there is a law published making  it mandatory.

“Nearly 70 million tons of material are kept away from landfills each year thanks to recycling,” Laura Carusco of The National Recycling Coalition stated.

Officials in New York City originally believed that mandatory recycling was a drain on the city because it cost 40 million dollars. Then, New York did more research, realizing that there is a more designed, efficient recycling system that could save the city over 20 million more dollars! Now, New York City has signed a twenty-year recycling contract.

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