Fleetwood Senior Qualifies for National Orchestra

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Fleetwood Area High School senior Marisalley George made National Orchestra. George was “honestly really surprised” when she found out that she qualified,  given there were many other people who auditioned for the orchestra.

She has been playing the viola since she was in fourth grade because the viola caught her attention the most when her sister showed her each instrument in the string family.

If she could play any other instrument besides the viola, it would be the French Horn, because she “had always enjoyed listening to it in orchestras.”

George recommends that one should have a great deal of patience, along with a positive attitude, should they wish to audition for National Orchestra. Practicing the same instrument, along with the same piece, is no easy task when under pressure.

“You also have to really stay focused and be willing to understand that the little stuff is what brings the music to a greater level,” George said.

As far as pursuing a career in music, George plans to go to college for pre-med but  is still trying to figure out what to do.

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