Seven-Year-Old Girl Found Dead

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On 4 January 2018, a seven-year-old girl named Zainab Ansari went missing on her way to a nearby house to study Quranic. Quranic is the study of traditions inspired by the Qur’an and has developed throughout Muslim history.

Muhammad Adnan, her uncle, reported her disappearance to the Kasur District Police Office because her parents were away in Saudi Arabia performing Umrah.

There was video footage discovered by Zainab’s family of her walking and holding hands with an unknown bearded man in white clothes and a jacket.

Police recently arrested the suspect. Her body was later found in a garbage can on 9 January. Zainab’s autopsy showed that she was violeted and strangled, causing her death. She also endured captivity and torture before her murder.

Zainab was found in the location of Kasur Punjab, Pakistan. Evidence showed severe and various forms of assault. There were obvious marks of torture on the face and congestion in the muscles.

Oddly, the tongue was badly bruised and injured as if it was pressed between her teeth. Also, mud, fecal matter, and blood were found on her body.

Zainab’s funeral was led by Tahir ul-Qadri. People believe the suspect might be very close to her family, but others think that the suspect might be linked in the Kasur child abuse case that happened a few years ago.

Her mother was very saddened and deeply in grief and only wanted justice for her daughter.

Zainab will live on through the lives of others, and she will be dearly remembered all throughout Pakistan and throughout the entire world.

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