Twelve-Year-Old California Shooter Injures Two

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There was a shooting that occurred in Los Angeles, California, earlier last week. A twelve-year-old girl brought an unregistered semi-automatic handgun to her school.

The school that this occurred at was Salvador B. Castro Middle School. Police say that, as soon as the shots were fired, the school was put on lock-down and the girl was taken into custody immediately.

Police also say that the gun brought into the school accidentally went off in the student’s backpack. The twelve-year-old girl was not named during this whole investigation. Josh Rubenstein, one of the police spokesman, said that investigators are trying to figure out why the girl brought the semi-automatic handgun to school and how she got a hold of it. The gun was unregistered.

One of the girl’s classmates, Jordan Valenzuela, said the girl was crying after the gun went off and kept repeating that it was an accident. The suspect said that she dropped her backpack, and then the gun fired, leaving a hole in the bag. The young girl also asked Valenzuela to hide the gun for her, but he refused.

The bullet that was fired by the girl went through the wrist of another girl and hit a boy’s temple. The boy who was hit in the temple is fifteen-years-old and was in critical condition, but doctors expect him to make a full recovery. The wrist wound to the fifteen-year-old girl was minor.  There were three other victims with head and face injuries caused by broken glass fragments.

There has been no other information released about the twelve-year-old suspect.

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